Leading is an honor and a skill built over a lifetime.

And keeping your edge can be tricky.

When relentless focus begins to dull our senses, we lose cadence and connection to the rest of life. We see what needs attention—our physical and emotional health, our relationships, our overall well-being—and in the struggle to rebalance, we may feel our prowess ebbing away. So we press harder. Urgency and a sense of dread become the norm. With too much noise and not enough magic, performance suffers.

That’s when leadership becomes grueling, thankless and lonely.

Rediscover synchrony in your leadership and learn how to regain your edge by nurturing what matters most.

Why .Life?
Because a life fully awake is the birthplace of leadership and performance. In our whole and happy being we find our true self—the one that will make the perfect difference in the world. Finding and nurturing your best LIFE is the MindfulCEO’s first mandate for becoming a fully responsible human being.

We have the remedy.

The MindfulCEO—both a mindset and a way of life—offers a way to quiet the noise and find the flow. It restores our ability to lead in the moment by accessing our true place of clarity and power. Curious?

Our Clients

About Dan Guglielmo

Author, speaker and leadership evangelist

Dan Guglielmo comes alive working with high-potential leaders, earning a reputation as “the CEO whisperer.” He is an executive coach, CEO peer-group facilitator, author and creator of The MindfulCEO and Coaching-as-Leadership®. Today Dan coaches many of Boston’s most interesting CEOs, and his influence is rapidly spreading to high-potential leaders across the U.S. His work with healthy, smart, ambitious leaders fosters deeper connections to self, others and the world, accelerating progress toward their most deeply held principles and cherished goals.

Among the successful companies Dan has founded is Exit Planning Exchange (XPX), which started in Olin Hall at Babson College. XPX continues to flourish in 12 U.S. cities, and is expanding internationally.

Dan facilitates two groups of CEOs through the members-only peer mentoring organization, Vistage International. He is a frequent invited speaker on topics that illuminate new perspectives on leadership, the power of coaching and the joy of realizing our human potential.

Dan’s youngest son jokes that his father doesn’t know the difference between work and play. Clearly, Dan loves what he does and brings a special energy to his work. He and his wife Ann live in Boston’s Seaport district and have five grown children. Dan’s interests are varied, including fitness training, wilderness hiking and biking as well as travel and photography with Ann. His #1 interest is learning about human potential.

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“Simply put, Dan is a superstar. Our meetings give me better perspective and more confidence in my decisions, which helps move me closer to my goals. I value my time with him immensely.”

—Jacqui Lewis, President, Audley Travel US, Inc.

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