Executive coaching that grows you and your business


Power to Coach Program ™

An intensive five-month advanced leadership program that prepares executives to successfully coach individuals and teams to greater innovation and higher performance.

Become a more impactful leader, improving your business and community.

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Dan Guglielmo’s executive coaching will give you access to proven strategies and subject matter experts that will help you quickly strengthen your leadership.


You can access benefits such as:

Private sessions with a thought leader

As an accomplished business leader and renowned executive coach, Dan Guglielmo will help you focus on goals, uncover opportunities, and assist you in further developing your company’s culture. With him, you get unbiased strategies and a way to answer hard questions in a confidential environment.

Explore Executive Coaching

Unbiased guidance from other executives

Work on challenges and opportunities with your peer group of high-caliber executives from non-competing companies. Their perspectives will foster a better understanding of the right path forward for your business.

Qualifying for Peer Advisory Groups

Elite events with subject matter experts

Invitation to inspirational events featuring guests who tackle questions pertinent to Centers-of-Influence, like you.

Faster growth and proven results

The MindfulCEO system of coaching has helped many of Boston’s best executives grow their business faster and with more focus than companies not working with Dan Guglielmo.

Why Executives Love MindfulCEO

Dan has an uncanny ability to get to the core of what’s important at any given moment. I’ve learned a lot from him, both tactically in business but more importantly about myself and how I approach leadership, business, and life.

Dan takes the time to get to know CEOs and their traits. This knowledge is key to the guidance he provides to enhance their innate strengths but also to encourage them to think differently.

I have been present, committed and energized. This has enabled me to lead in a way that I didn’t think possible.

Our meetings give me better perspective and more confidence in my decisions, which helps move me closer to my goals. I value my time with Dan immensely.

Dan once again got to the heart of the issue, helped me pull out critical factors and provided a useful framework for me to further consider my evolution.

Developed leaders create powerful results

Become an exceptional leader – make better decisions, get better results – with Dan’s guidance.