Inspire your leadership and your life.

Because you’re anything but business as usual.

Inspire your leadership and your life.

Because you’re anything but business as usual.

Dan knows how to light up a room full of talent—people eager to grow their humanity and ignite their performance. With decades of experience working with senior leadership, Dan masterfully works and shifts the energy in every room.

An animated speaker with a gift for provoking personal and professional transformation

Today, because of the extraordinary advances in brain and body science, our expectations about human potential and leadership are radically different and more expansive than just a few years ago. Dan will bring to life what this means to you and your teams.

Dan’s Philosophy

If you’re not fully alive in your work and your life, you’re missing out in both. Discover the key to unlocking your essential core and creating a generative work culture that blazes new trails and inspires emerging leaders to grow. Dan’s approach to engaging with groups can integrate new pathways that will change you—and your leadership approach.

Past Engagements:

Sample Topics

Leading from the Core: How Generative Leaders Take Responsibility for Their World

Dan inspires audiences with a wholly new approach to leadership: tapping their essential core identity. Drawing from both neuroscience and traditional wisdom, Dan illuminates the path to find the deepest meaning in life and work.

You’ll learn:

  • Why effective leadership is generative, naturally growing new leaders
  • How effective leaders manage energy – theirs and others’ – to get the job done
  • How to create your own wisdom practices to help find and keep the hum in your life

Your Infinite Potential: It’s Time to Be a Superhuman!

As a peer group facilitator and accomplished leadership coach, Dan accelerates talent to its highest potential. Nature is brimming with examples demonstrating we can change our brains and even our DNA by changing our thinking.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of well-being as a springboard for top performance
  • Why leadership is a deeply personal and internal journey
  • How to adapt and use changing circumstances to your advantage

“Dan is a dynamic, engaging speaker who had our entire group up on its feet and interacting within the first few minutes. He communicates a unique approach to leadership based not only on his own experience but also extensive reading and research. People were very happy that they experienced his session.”

—Louis Gudema, Keynote Speaker and Author of Bullseye Marketing

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