Light up your leadership.

Ignite Your Development with a Peer Advisory Group

Experience the power of group intelligence.

Gather monthly with a private Peer Advisory Group: 12-16 high-caliber executives, business leaders and CEOs. Your Peer Group’s industries are non-competing so you can talk candidly, gaining agenda-free perspectives from those who’ve faced similar challenges. A seasoned CEO/executive coach guides the confidential discussions and provides one-to-one mentoring.

Be your best.

As the leader of a business, you may be so busy with urgent matters that you neglect the strategic decisions that drive long-term growth. Peer Group support helps you get out of the weeds, identify your blind spots and push your team and business to the next level. Surround yourself with high-performing peers who are committed to becoming extraordinary leaders – and helping you achieve the same.

Access honest feedback to enrich your decision-making.

Peer Groups offer:

  • Exclusive, confidential feedback
  • A trusted community offering reliable advice
  • The most effective sounding board for your toughest decisions
  • A monthly private meeting with a world-class executive coach

The Vistage International Model

When you own or run a business as chief executive, every turning point can have profound implications. Finding a source of unbiased advice and fresh perspectives from other executives who’ve faced similar challenges can make all the difference.

At its core, a confidential advisory group of peers helps you focus on what’s most critical. Led by an accomplished business leader, your peer group will work with you to help you solve problems and uncover opportunities.

“My experience with Dan and Vistage has been extremely pleasant and rewarding. This unique group of highly accomplished individuals check their egos at the door, and are keen on learning from each other. Dan coaches us to ask the right questions, and guides us to some very valuable insights.”

—Daniel Schmitz, President, Interstate Batteries

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