Find and hold your place in the world.

Allow a seasoned leadership coach to be your guide.

Performance and flow will always follow.

Amid the mounting noise and complexity of the fast-paced world in which you are called to lead, finding and holding your place of most potential is challenging. UNLESS—in the face of outer complexity you learn to turn inward, to the sacred self.

The right kind of coaching should open a pathway to your authentic self, enabling you to move in the world more powerfully. Finding your inner leader promotes self-awareness, which increases self-authority and helps you develop a more resonant executive presence.

Mindful coaching is a tool that doesn’t just benefit you—it’s also a skill you can learn to use to empower the leaders who report to you. We call it Coaching-as-Leadership®.


Executive coaching is not a solitary, one-way activity.

The Coaching-as-Leadership® method trains you to infuse your leadership presence with the coaching mindset. It is an essential component of our unique approach to leadership development.

Coaching-as-Leadership® allows you to guide your team to maximum performance, using the skills and insights you’ve obtained from your own coaching experience.

As you are being coached, becoming a more effective leader, our distinctive training pathway teaches you simple, effective methods that elicit better results from those you lead. In the midst of first-hand encounters with success, you empower your team to encounter their own.

“Dan’s powerful leadership concepts, lessons and stories have shifted the way I look at leadership and organizational design and development for a higher competitive advantage.”

— Jeshua Zapata, President, Xzito Creative Solutions, LLC

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