Dan Guglielmo

MindfulCEO creator Dan Guglielmo works with many of Boston’s most influential executives in tech, media and finance—coaching them to be better coaches and mentors within their organizations.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO, emerging tech entrepreneur or C-suite executive, with P2C you will learn the coaching skills to accelerate your organization’s performance by helping the people who report to you grow. Imprinting that growth code into your organization’s DNA will not only help you achieve your professional goals, but also lead you toward work that aligns with your values.

Beyond working one on one with executives and other leaders, Dan has built successful companies like the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX)—an independent association of advisors, coaches and subject-matter experts who work with business owners from founding to exit to legacy planning.

He also moderates confidential peer CEO groups through the mentoring organization Vistage International. Dan is a graduate of Colorado College and the Arizona State University College of Law, where he specialized in business law and taxation.

June Carter

June Carter brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership coaching, executive development, team building and change management to her professional practice. The founder of Tango Leadership, she leads a diverse team of coaches, consultants, trainers and speakers who work with mid- and peak-career leaders across the United States to measurably increase organizational performance through personal growth.

A former senior consultant and COO at Wells Fargo, June has extensive corporate experience in human resources, organizational development, diversity/equity/inclusion strategy and internal analytics systems. With her engaging, empathetic style, she is known for quickly building rapport and trust with her clients—who come from disparate fields like finance, manufacturing and medical technology. Leaders who work with June have transformed their organizations’ culture, experienced record engagement with team members and customers and have used the skills they developed to become more effective coaches and mentors themselves.

A native of TK TOWN and graduate of Clark University in Worcester, MA., Carter is based in Charlotte, N.C. She is a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF, and a Co-Active Certified Coach by the CTI.

Deb Elbaum

With training as a physician and experience running her own healthcare writing company, Deb Elbaum brings a unique toolset to her executive coaching and leadership development practice. She combines the art of coaching with the structural underpinnings of neuroscience to give her clients strategies for metabolizing change and flourishing in evolving environments.

Elbaum specializes in working with senior and emerging leaders in biotech, pharma, health care, academia and the non-profit sector. Leaders who work with Deb improve their focus and strategic agility, and are able to communicate more thoughtfully and inspirationally with peers and teams. Equipped with insight and new ideas, they quickly shift behaviors that have previously gotten in their way to become better balanced, less reactive and more confident, clear, and productive.

After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard, Elbaum received her MD from the University of Pennsylvania. A Professional Certified Coach through the ICF and a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach, Deb is based just outside Boston.